A few days ago, Studio MK27 flexed its design chops with a modern home set in the middle of a forest. Casa Azul was a multi-level plan that boasts spacious interiors and exceptional views of its surroundings. Another work of the firm – the Minas House – incorporates some familiar elements but dials it up with some lavish touches.

Although the site this residence stands on also features verdant greenery, it promises even more spectacular sights. Unlike the Casa Azul which nestles within a Jungle, the Minas Gerais mountains of Brazil deliver their own scenic backdrop. The blueprint stacks several volumes, which are then supported by concrete pillars.

These lift the Minas House’s main floor by up to 32 feet to keep it level given the sloping terrain. Tree trunks from the garden below provide excellent camouflage to make some sections appear cantilevered instead. According to Studio MK24, “suspending the house on stilts allows for rainwater to drain and for the house to breathe.”

A bridge connects the structure to the road. The main entrance of the Minas House already teases guests about what they can expect as they descend to a huge open floor plan. Here, an expansive shelf almost runs the entire length of the covered area.

This huge social space includes a living room with a suspended fireplace, a dining area, terraces, and a swimming pool. Sliding panels allow fresh air to circulate freely around the Minas House. Studio MK27 uses bare concrete, basalt stone floors, and wood to create a cozy inviting atmosphere. Take the stairs one more level below to find a winery and a TV room.

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Images courtesy of Studio MK27