Don’t you just love it when ideal transportation for doomsday scenarios come up during a conversation? What’s important is that it needs to meet our demands for best-in-class performance. Mediocre just won’t cut it when the apocalypse or zombie outbreak threatens our safety. As such, we just enjoy how Mil-Spec Automotive is ready to provide the most rugged platforms that will outperform the rest. Although it also has a Ford F-150, we want to go for the Hummer H1.

Nothing is more iconic when it comes to extreme survivability and capacity to operate on almost any terrain than the Hummer. While the military-grade version is certainly on every guy’s wishlist, the commercial variant is likewise awesome. Not only is it street legal, but when it comes to aesthetics it is as menacing as ever. Thus, Mil-Spec Automotive ensures that it retains the intimidation factor along with several upgrades.

The shop makes it a point to ask their clients to share what they want to have on their bespoke rides. As long as it’s reasonable and does not compromise the reliability of the build, it should good to go. Therefore, this turns into a personal experience for both the owner and the remarkable folks at Mil-Spec Automotive.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff which turns each Hummer H1 into a mechanical masterpiece. Pricing starts at $269,500 and already includes the donor vehicle. Mil-Spec Automotive is equipping it with a 6.6-liter LBZ Duramax diesel engine capable of producing 500 horsepower with a staggering 1,000 lb-ft of torque. Meanwhile, the addition of an Allison 6-speed automatic transmission means it’s heavy-duty drivetrain will likely handle anything in its path.

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Images courtesy of Mil-Spec Automotive