The number of options just keeps growing and choosing which booze to grab before the holidays is becoming a challenge. Thankfully, we can always turn to expert opinions online to gauge what spirits or ales would take our senses on a new adventure. It just so happens that there are two highly sought-after releases from a renowned label called the 2023 Michter’s Legacy Series.

It’s no secret by now that American whiskey is experiencing a surging demand these days. As such, collectors are scouring distributors across the country and even some small-scale suppliers for hidden treasures that might been collecting dust in a corner of warehouse or storerooms.

What we are sharing with you are special expressions that celebrate the good old days. And by that, we mean these bottles in the 2023 Michter’s Legacy Series are a tribute to when their operations were not exactly under strict regulation. Nevertheless, those times are long gone, and it has already established a stellar reputation in the industry.

The first on the list is a Kentucky sour mash whiskey marketed under the name Shenk’s Homestead. This batch involves malted rye in the recipe and underwent maturation in two carefully curated casks. The first is seasoned and charred American oak – air-dried for 18 months, followed by 24-month air-dried French oak barrels from the Vosges region.

Up next in the 2023 Michter’s Legacy Series is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey called the Bomberger’s Declaration. The recipe also called for malted rye and a portion of the blend was aged in Chinqupin oak which was air-dried and seasoned for a staggering three years before toasting and charring. Everything was under the careful watch of Andrea Wilson, the distillery’s Master of Maturation.

“In 1753, Swiss Mennonite farmer John Shenk founded Shenk’s distillery, which was later renamed Bomberger’s Distillery in the 1800s before having its name changed once again to Michter’s Distillery in the mid-20th Century. It is this great heritage that we honor with the release of Bomberger’s Declaration and Shenk’s Homestead which comprise our Michter’s Legacy Series,” reads the product page.

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Images courtesy of Michter’s Distillery