When EVs or traditional bicycles are not the sustainable forms of transport that appeal to your tastes, there are always other mobility platforms to consider. The ones you can regularly find in the city include e-skateboards, e-bikes, and e-scooters, and maybe a few unique entries here and there. Meanwhile, somebody just came up with a cool concept called the MG-X.

There is a regular influx of fascinating proposals as to how people will commute in the future. These range from flying cars to autonomous vehicles and more. Benjamin Miller – the designer behind this transforming ride – previously shared his collaborative work with Liu Mingwei on another modular system dubbed the Arrival ANT.

The MG-X, on the other hand, is a solo project of his and integrates elements of cooperation and gameplay. What looks like an all-electric trike that can fold into a compact form factor for storage can combine with other units to form something else. With the help of an add-on for each corner, users can end up with a four-wheeler.

If it were up to us, we would prefer to keep it in trike mode to get the most of out its maneuverability. Although it was not specified, the MG-X appears to be outfitted with a robust suspension system. You can spot a mono-shock just below the saddle, while the front wheels are mounted on independent struts each with shocks of their own.

Hinged arms with folding handlebars are ergonomically positioned for a relaxed driving posture. Pop-out footrests are also available. The MG-X could ship inside a stylish pod, which could double as its charging cradle where you can store it when not in use. As always, it’s great to see independent designers submit creative concepts like these.

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Images courtesy of Benjamin Miller/Behance