The vast array of Bluetooth speakers on the market can take many forms but for sheer utilitarian simplicity, British audio experts Meters Music have taken the prize with their new Cubed speakers. Comprised of three 3.5″ cubes, this 20W sound system has two 2.5″ drivers (one each per cube) with the third cube serving as the amplifier for the set.

The striking feature is the functioning illuminated Volume Unit (VU) meter that takes its place on the amplifier cube. The VU meter is the signature mark for Meters Music’s parent company Ashdown Engineering and is usually found on equipment reading instrument input levels in recording studios.

Along with the smooth, round-cornered cases of the Cubed speakers, the gauged meter represents the music input level and adds a moving dynamic for visual enjoyment. The system runs Bluetooth 4.0 for streaming from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC. There is even a 3.5mm input jack for wired connectivity if desired.

Buy From Meters $260