Over the course of several months, financial analysts have been talking non-stop about the rising interest surrounding NFTs. Non-fungible tokens can be a difficult concept to grasp given how ridiculously easy it is to reproduce said digital items. Still, it’s not stopping collectors from throwing wads of cash at them. Take for example Nifty Gateway’s latest sale of a virtual asset called Merge.

According to sources, the two-day event saw 28,000 individuals collectively spend a jaw-dropping $91,806,519 for the Merge NFT project. “Pak, the creator of ‘Open Editions,’ returns with a new mechanism,” reads the listing. “You may acquire as many mass units as you desire during the 48 hours sale. You’ll get a dynamic NFT with your accumulated mass.”

As far as the system goes, this could be the closest one can have on a truly unique piece. If the creator’s words are anything to go by, depending on the number of mass units each owner has, what they eventually end up with is a one-of-a-kind digital collectible.

“Code as art. On a global scale,” notes the NFT platform about Merge. “Pak is pushing boundaries and using the infinite canvas of the blockchain and internet to create global scale art that moves minds and bodies.” As you can probably surmise, even the sales pitch seems like a poor attempt to sell something you don’t really need.

Nevertheless, the sale of the Merge shows there’s no getting around it soon as interest regarding NFTs is not dying out anytime soon. In fact, if you own a couple, why not grab something like a visualizer so you can show them off just like a framed piece of art. We’ve featured a couple from Love Hultén – the  Dissrup and synth#boi to give you an idea.

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Images courtesy of Nifty Gateway/Pak