With so many startups and established automotive marques gunning for Tesla’s dominance in the EV scene, it’s pushing innovation in the right direction. Sleek aesthetics with intuitive features can sway the interest your way, but performance and range are factors that reel people in. As such, Mercedes-Benz teases a complete package it calls the VISION EQXX.

It might be a while before anybody inches ahead of Elon Musk’s EV brand when it comes to market share. For this project, Mercedes-Benz taps the talents of its Formula 1 and Formula E engineers. The team is focusing on reducing weight and improving aerodynamics. Moreover, they’re also paring the VISION EQXX with a highly capable electric powertrain.

The battery is rated at close to 100 kWh but is remarkable smaller and lighter than its contemporaries. Mercedes-Benz says the electric sedan’s motors can produce 201 horsepower and should run up to 620 miles on a full charge. Lofty claims indeed, but definitely impressive if true.

To shave off even more pounds, the EV rides on magnesium wheels and uses aluminum brake rotors. Mercedes-Benz is also reducing the volume of the roof and embedding photovoltaic cells to recharge the batteries. Overall, the VISION EQXX tips the scales at 3,858 lbs only.

From the exterior, there are minimal hints of its sustainable properties, but the interior tells a different story. A massive screen spans the entire length of the dashboard. LED light strips on key sections emit a soft glow and is likely customizable. Finally, the VISION EQXX also comes with a smart interface and guidance system.

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Images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz