Not long ago, we featured a special edition of the G-Wagen series that commemorates AMG’s 55th anniversary. Mercedes-Benz is marking the milestone with two exclusive models. Both are stunning versions of their respective platforms. In addition to the SUV, they’re also catering to racing enthusiasts with the GT Track Series.

For those wondering, this pushes performance a tier above the Black Series. Eager buyers, however, should take a moment to learn about an important caveat regarding these machines. As indicated in the name, this is not a street-legal supercar, so your drive is pretty much limited on the tracks only.

Nonetheless, we don’t see how this would convince motorsports fans to consider something else instead. With that out of the way, the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series would also make a fine addition to any automotive collection. The vehicle is ready to compete straight out of the factory.

The GT Track Series is specifically configured as a lightweight and powerful machine to dominate and clinch victory. Components deemed not crucial to its operation are omitted, while carbon fiber becomes the material of choice here.

Inside the cockpit, you’ll find a single composite seat, a five-point harness, a roll cage, safety nets, escape hatch, fire suppression systems, and a custom racing wheel. Thankfully, they’re not stripping out the air conditioning. Still, GT Track Series owners can opt for the ventilated seat and helmet with a drink system.

These tweaks already drop the weight down to about 3,086 lbs, which already includes the Mercedes-AMG twin-turbo V8 and six-speed sequential gearbox. The tuning package it receives promises an output of 778 horsepower 627 lb-ft of torque. Only 55 examples of the GT Track Series will enter production.

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Images courtesy of Mercdes-Benz