Making unique and noteworthy Bluetooth speakers has become a very popular marketing project, but sometimes the best speakers are the ones no one expects. A prime example is the Mellow Speaker Table ($300).

This simple, cleanly designed piece of furniture fits into any decor. It has a classic three-legged design and top crafted from beechwood. But that only begins to describe this table. Under the top, woven micro-fabric hides the technology to run four Bluetooth 4.2 speakers capable of picking up from 33 feet. The interactive control buttons are sewn directly into the fabric on the side where you can turn it on and off, play, pause, or answer the phone, and to control the volume up and down. It also features two USB ports for handy and convenient charging of your smaller devices.

The Mellow has a built-in 6600mah lithium battery that can play for up to 7 hours per charge. This means your Speaker Table can be taken with you wherever you need sound and a flat surface. [via]