The Maze Marble Gaming Console is the perfect addition to any man cave. Classical gaming methods collides with neoclassical craft in this unique product. Sit it next to your dart board, the pool table, your Pacman machine, or even an eye-catching fountain and it will not look out of place. The game is simple, you must navigate your ball around the maze – made up of 7 concentric and interconnected circles – and get it in the…oh with this game there is no way to win! You simply maneuver the ball around the maze using a classical (rather than neoclassical) gaming joystick for an endless challenge.

The “console” is as much about admiring its beauty as it is about playing the game. The most attractive feature of this product is its attraction. Your other half may even start to get a bit jealous. This statue-come-game was designed by Marco Iannicelli, a famous European artist and product designer. Your wife will be jealous, the guys will be jealous when they come around all the time, the guys’ wives will be jealous too. Who thought a couple of balls could cause so many problems.