Back when rumors hinted at a 14” tablet from Samsung, most tech industry pundits believed the venture was doomed to fail. Slates with screen sizes 12 inches and above are already pushing things beyond the norm when it comes to practicality, but it seems these behemoths are here to stay. In fact, Xiaomi might be poised to enter the arena with the Pad 6 Max.

Ever since Huawei’s Google Mobile Services woes due to trade restrictions, fellow Chinese Android OEM Xiaomi quickly picked up where its rival left off. So far, Lenovo’s Tab Extreme is the only direct competitor of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and the new Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. For those wondering, it’s an alternative worth considering for your productivity/entertainment needs.

As for the Pad 6 Max, there’s currently no official word if it will ever launch outside of China, but we hope it does. Still, we must brace ourselves for disappointment given the Pad 6 Pro remains a Chinese exclusive. On the other hand, the positive reception of the entry-level Pad 6 could sway the company’s decision down the line.

According to sources, the device is packing a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 SoC. It may not be Qualcomm’s latest poster boy, yet it remains a highly capable processor. Given the massive physical footprint of the Pad 6 Max, Xiaomi has outfitted the model with an advanced heat dissipation system. With it in place, users can enjoy optimal performance at all times.

A 10,000 mAh battery should provide more than enough power to last a full day of extensive usage. After all, the Pad 6 Max is positioned as a more portable replacement for your Windows or MacOS notebook. Productivity will be its core function, but its 14” LCD panel with a 144 Hz refresh rate makes it a great gaming/streaming platform. Crossing our fingers that it gets a global release.

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Images courtesy of Xiaomi