This is not the first wireless speaker from the legendary British company, but it is the first of its kind to take on the road. The Marshall Kilburn ($300.00) is a handsome portable speaker that’ll keep the party going long after the lights go down.

Featuring the unmistakable vintage look inspired by the Marshall guitar amps, with gold-colored metal details, the Kilburn is a show-off. And it’s not just good-looking. Two dome tweeters (2x5W) and a 4” Woofer (15W) are packed inside this little guy, making it one of the loudest speakers in its class. It weights 6.6 lbs and it comes with a guitar-influenced leather strap, for an extra touch of rock’n’roll. Oh, the Marshall Kilburn also features a 3,5mm jack input and there’s an included double ended cord for those diehard old schoolers who still use cables.


Marshall Kilburn 3

Marshall Kilburn 4