When your music genre of choice heavily features guitars, it’s likely a British brand is involved one way or the other. Marshall remains a mainstay and trusted manufacturer of amplifiers and other audio hardware. It appears the firm has something special to offer its fans this year as they commemorate the centenary of its longtime parts supplier. This is the Celestion 100 Bundle!

Lately, Marshall has been pumping out awesome portable speakers, headphones, and earbuds. Given the remarkable popularity of the aforementioned products, almost every company in the audio business is catering to the demand. Hence, we consider the limited-edition amplifier and speaker combo a welcome return to form for the group.

The story goes that for more than 60 years, the loudspeakers used in the production of Marshall’s legendary cabinets are by London-based Celestion. Established in 1924, it continues to deliver high-quality components and more to this day. The package includes a customized version of the Studio JTM and a matching Alnico speaker.

True to the major milestone celebrated by its partner, the Celestion 100 set is exclusive to only 100 examples. “When Marshall and Celestion join forces there’s only one result; era-defining sound. This amp continues the legacy by featuring an anniversary speaker, inspired by the first speaker built for electric guitars,” reads the product page.

Marshall assures buyers that every unit is assembled by hand. Notable details include the cream exterior, white knobs, and solid metal coffin logo with red enamel. For a tactile feel, the Celestion 100 uses toggle switches for power and other functions. There’s also the FX Loop and DI out. It would be a shame for music enthusiasts to miss out on this release.

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Images courtesy of Marshall