If you’re a craft beer lover like we are, you probably know that imperfect packaging can spoil a good brew. So how do you maintain this heavenly beverage fresh and carbonated at home? Enter the ManCan 128, a mini-brewery that fits in your fridge.

Featuring a standard keg tap and running on pressure-regulating CO2 cartridges to ensure your beer is delivered in the best possible condition, the ManCan 128 holds the equivalent of nearly 11 bottles of beer (1 gallon).

The stainless steel, keg-style vessel was built to be indestructible, while protecting beer from the damaging effects of light, and it will be the sexiest thing to see in the door of your fridge. The makers insist not to call it a growler. It’s a ManCan! Made in the USA.

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ManCan 128 c

ManCan 128 b