We are now at a point in time wherein ideas entertained by people back in the day are possible. Ever since works of fiction envisioned a future with flying cars and autonomous driving systems, innovations have gradually moved us closer to it being a reality. Then there are others who come up with ideas like the MAN UNIMO.

Eventually, a city’s push for sustainability will extend to other forms of public transportation. One trending form of mobility in some cities across the globe is electric scooters. Aside from the ones owned by people, there are some you can rent. Timo Weißbach designs the MAN UNIMO to address several issues.

Thanks to its modular capabilities, we can configure it for various applications. Its primary function would be to replace buses as it navigates autonomously from one point to another. Depending on the number of commuters, operators can fit more carriages in between the front and rear modules,

In addition to being driverless, the MAN UNIMO can also recharge compatible electric scooters. This means you can ride the rented two-wheeler to the stop, hook it up to one of the charging cradles, and remove it when you arrive at your destination. Passengers aboard will enjoy panoramic views via the transparent canopy.

Going back to its modular characteristics, the MAN UNIMO can swap out the glass for netting. It can then function as a self-driving logistics solution. Its creator says it can operate inside warehouses and shipyards to ferry cargo and more. Advancements in artificial intelligence and sensor technology will turn this concept into a viable platform in the years to come.

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Images courtesy of Timo Weißbach