We are sure many of you made a New Year’s resolution just before 2022 ended. In fact, most are probably related to losing weight and getting in shape. So how many exactly are committed to this goal? Cycling is still a trendy activity for fitness. If you are in the market for a heavy-duty two-wheeler, Magicycle’s latest e-bike might just be the toughest one out there. So let’s check out what the Deer has to offer.

Previously, we shared our thoughts on the manufacturer’s versatile and powerful step-through model – the Ocelot Pro. Most of our readers were likely fascinated with its capabilities and grabbed one. Meanwhile, for the rest who are still on the fence, perhaps the Deer’s suite of awesome features could convince you to order this bad boy. Adrenaline-pumping escapades await!

“Magicycle Deer is the first full-suspension ebike SUV in the US. Ebike SUV stands for an ebike model that mixes both performance and comfort. It has the characteristics of various electric bike models, including electric mountain bikes, cargo ebikes, and city commuter ebikes. In a word, Magicycle Deer is an SUV ebike specially designed for all kinds of riding,” reads the press materials.

Ordering The Magicycle Deer

If you’ve read our overview regarding the Ocelot Pro, then it’s safe to say the same applies to this new electric bike. After choosing the ideal version and picking the colorway, it’s just a short waiting game before its arrival at your doorstep. Keep in mind that much like other Magicycle models, the Deer requires some minor assembly.

We know this is the part some folks look forward to. The instructions should be easy enough to follow. The box includes everything to complete the task before the fun can truly begin. Be sure to regularly check out their YouTube page for helpful tips regarding their electric bikes for adults and more. With that out of the way let’s learn about the Deer.

Selecting The Right Trim

Consumers just love options, and the Deer is available in three variants. Take note there all share the same specifications and just differ slightly when it comes to design and accessories bundled in the package. If you plan to use it mostly for urban commutes with a bit of shenanigan on the trails, the Step-Through style should do the trick.

However, when the trip involves constant shifts between paved surfaces and extreme terrain, both the Off-Road and Touring editions of the Deer are the platforms of choice for rough adventures. The latter two ensure there is no compromise to the integrity of its chassis via the integration of a top tube.

Even during the most intense action, your e-bike should withstand anything that comes its way. According to Magicycle, the Deer is what they like to call an “SUV e-bike” and its engineering and performance are just as robust as the vehicles they compare it to.

Deer Technical Specifications

To balance out weight and durability, the construction of its frame uses 6061 aluminum. A signature characteristic we also see on other Magicycle e-bikes is the thick downtube. Moreover, to minimize interference with the rider’s range of movement, all cables are internally routed from the handlebars to their respective components.

To the front, we have adjustable and lockable hydraulic forks, while the rear holds a shock unit. This makes the Deer a full-suspension e-bike that’s ready to handle any dynamic changes in surfaces. Magicycle says it is “very comfortable to ride anywhere, and capable of handling the difficult technical trails, creating a smoother ride with better traction and handling, avoid fatiguing the rider quickly.”

Both ends of the e-bike hold spoked wheels shod in 26” x 4.0” Kenda fat tires and are outfitted with 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes. The aluminum alloy comfort grip levers feature a motor cutoff switch for responsive stops. For added safety when the sun goes down, there’s a 6V LED headlamp, reflectors on the Wellgo alloy pedals, and another reflector just below the seat.

Magicycle likewise equips their SUV e-bike with a Shimano 7-speed gear shift system over a 14-28T BROWN/BK freewheel. Then there is the 48T, 170 mm, forged alloy, dual-sided bashguard crank, KMC chain, an adjustable super soft cushion saddle, and a heavy-duty aluminum kickstand to round out its assembly.

The Deer relies on a powerful 750W brushless hub motor powered by a 52V 20 Ah LG lithium battery. Alongside its cadence sensor, is a 52V 750W FOC smart controller to monitor its electronics and for the pedal-assist function. A full charge boasts a range of 60 to 80 miles. A color LCD display provides telemetry and other relevant information. It also supports USB charging for your smartphones.

Our Takeaway

We were astounded by the Ocelot Pro back then, but Magicycle proves that it knows how to come up with an e-bike that caters to specific enthusiasts. The Deer is clearly for those who seek a thrill each time they hop on. You can even hook up a cargo rack to haul various items. With its large load capacity of 400 lbs., it can double as your daily driver in the city and as a reliable ride for the great outdoors.

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