Tiny house living doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the modern comforts of home, even if you plan to go off-grid. You should still be able to live comfortably and greatly, something that Portugal-based Madeiguincho offers with their varied designs for tiny homes, including the Vigia. 

Madeiguincho specializes in woodworking or using wood for the finishes of their homes both inside and out. The Vigia is no exception. It stands out against its verdant and rocky backdrop in Sintra, Portugal with its dark wood cladding. It also has wood shutters to regulate the amount of natural light that seeps inside the home while allow air to breeze through.

Madeiguincho also used wood for the custom cabinetry for Vigia, its walls, ceiling, paneling, and furniture pieces. Outside of the woodwork, it also has loads of glazing to open the indoors to the outdoors and allow natural light to filter in. This tiny home is constructed on a double-axle trailer with the length of 7 meters. It encompasses a roomy living space that is adjacent to the fully-functional kitchen which is equipped with a wood-burning stove and a sink.

Vigia also has a toilet/bathroom with shower and sink while the sleeping spaces are courtesy of a loft-style bedroom and the built-in L-shaped cushioned seats in the living room. Operable glass windows found in the bedroom loft, the bathroom, and in the kitchen and living space, allow air to circulate inside the home so it doesn’t feel stuffy. Best of all, this home on wheels is designed to function entirely self-sufficiently off the grid with solar panels attached on the roof.

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Images courtesy of Madeiguincho