As an active indoor sport, ping pong has a long and illustrious history. Invented in the parlors of mid-1800’s England, it quickly rose to international acclaim. In the finest tradition of the game, master woodworker Jory Brigham of San Luis Obispo, California, has crafted the Mackenrow Ping Pong Table ($Inquire) to be as much a piece of quality furniture as it is the playing field.

The woodworking craftsmanship shows through -especially well on the base, net frame, and playing surface- on this regulation sized (60” X 30” X 108”) table, handmade primarily in Walnut. The beautiful table has polished brass inlays and a fashionable complimenting orange band around the edge. The net cords are done in a classic Danish weave. Whether it’s a man cave, game room, or your own parlor decor, this table will certainly add a substantial touch of class to the space it sits in.