Even by itself, The Macallan is a respected label when it comes to scotch. In fact, each time they release something new, it receives the undivided attention of whiskey enthusiasts. For its latest venture, the distillery presents the Harmony Ritual Kit. This release is a special collaboration that is sure to attract those who also love a cup of Joe.

Reports were quick to point out The Macallan’s recent launch of the Harmony Collection. These made their debut about a month ago and are infused with the essence of coffee. Before winter rolls in, its follow-up calls on Rhuigi Villaseñor to help design this exclusive set of drinking vessels.

Now you can finally enjoy a sip of booze and brew in style. The Filipino American founder of Rhude lends his creative flair to cater to people with refined tastes in whiskey and coffee. According to the press release, the Harmony Ritual Kit is currently on offer at NTWRK.

If you want to grab one, do so now, because only 100 examples will be available for order. Each set arrives in a classy wooden box that rotates 360 degrees via its base. The Whiskey Ritual side holds a bottle of The Macallan Harmony Collection Inspired by Intense Arabica. Then there’s a pair of custom glasses to pour the spirit into.

Next, is the Coffee Ritual section, which holds a French press penned by Villaseñor, Ethiopian Arabica coffee, and two cups crafted out of upcycled material. The Harmony Ritual Kit includes a QR code for you to scan in order to access a tutorial video on the best pairing of coffee and whiskey curated by the distillery.

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Images courtesy of The Macallan