We’ve seen Bentley Motors dive into other endeavors aside from automobiles. So far, among those we’ve covered include luxury residences and upmarket furniture. 2022 sees another expansion, but this time into the world of whiskey. The British carmaker is collaborating with The Macallan and targeting enthusiasts of both with a limited-edition blend they’re calling The Macallan Horizon.

As with any partnership, each side contributes their very best to this thrilling venture. Of course, the renowned distillery provides the single-malt scotch, while the legendary British carmaker lends its eye for design and more. According to the press release, The Macallan Horizon is not only about motoring and whiskey, as it also promotes sustainability.

Most of you already know without a doubt that the blend within is exceptional. Therefore, we’re focusing on a crucial element of this tie-in, which is the decanter. If you’ve read our piece on the Bowmore x Aston Martin ARC-52, it reminds us how designers can push for stunning aesthetics. This release is no different as it arrives in one classy container.

Instead of the usual crystal vessel, The Macallan Horizon incorporates various materials. These include glass, aluminum, copper, wood, and leather. According to sources, these come from decommissioned spirit stills, vehicle assembly lines, local shops, and more. Unlike your average decanter, it is engineered to sit horizontally on a special cradle.

With many of the world’s leading companies already committing to eco-friendly alternatives for their products, The Macallan and Bentley Motors reaffirm their stance on the matter as well. Both reveal plans to become completely carbon neutral by 2030 and this stunning decanter is a testament to that commitment. The Macallan Horizon is slated to release in 2023.

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Images courtesy of Bentley Motors/The Macallan