This year was an awesome one for the yachting industry as several shows gave us a glimpse of what’s in store for the future. Most of the vessels unveiled are already in production, while the rest will start soon. Before we cap off 2022, there’s still enough time to share fantastic concepts like the Swell and its features.

This monohull proposal is penned by Anthony Glasson of M51 Concepts fame. It’s designers like him who push the envelope of avant-garde shipbuilding to greater heights. One of our favorites includes Lazzarini Design Studio with its ever-growing fleet of remarkable projects.

While most concepts never evolve past the proposal stages, these explore what may or may not be possible. However, when the technology catches up, watercraft like the Swell and others might navigate the sea. Still, this 250-foot megayacht adapts a more traditional approach.

Even though it flaunts a sleek outline, you’ll notice there are hardly any straight lines or edges. M51 Concepts is all about the curves here as the Swell’s steel hull and aluminum superstructure are replete with lines that flow organically. Generous sections of glazing offer panoramic views of the waters below and the horizon.

A 36-foot-wide beam suggests its volumes are brimming with luxurious appointments. A dual-deck lounge and entertainment area are highlighted by two massive jellyfish aquariums. Amenities include a gym, wellness center, an exterior swimming pool, Jacuzzi and more.

According to Glasson, The Swell can accommodate around 12 guests alongside its crew. Cabins are arranged across multiple levels. Meanwhile, the garage can hold up two tenders and other smaller watercraft and water toys. Finally, it relies on a hybrid propulsion system for a range of up to 6,000 nautical miles.

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Images courtesy of M51 Concepts