If you’re searching for a precision screwdriver that’s not only durable but also small enough to fit in your pocket, then get yourself the M-20 Titanium Magnetic 9-in-1 Precision Screwdriver. This is a great utility tool that will come in handy especially if you’re dealing with repairs. 

It’s frustrating having to deal with screws since they come in all sorts of sizes. Also maddening to find out you don’t have the proper screwdriver when you’re in the middle of a repair or DIY project. Unless you work as a handyman, then you’d certainly find it hard to find them packed in one gear. Of course, you wouldn’t want to haul around a toolbox wherever you go. 

This is where the M-20 Titanium Magnetic 9-in-1 Precision Screwdriver comes with the most important screwdrivers in a portable holder that easily slips into your pocket. It is the “perfect combination of precision, versatility, and style.” It is made from pure titanium, making it lightweight yet durable so it can handle any repair job with ease, no matter how delicate or intricate.

This everyday carry can carry nine 4mm precision bits that are magnetically secured to the tool itself. The strong magnetic system makes the M-20 easier to hold onto screws. Meanwhile, its sleek and smaller profile makes it easier to work within tight spaces. 

Moreover, the M-20 Titanium Magnetic 9-in-1 Precision Screwdriver comes with German-made high-quality S2 tool steel alloy bits, that will last through even the most delicate projects. It boasts an ergonomic design for a comfortable and secure grip. Meanwhile, it also carries a 45-bit set that you can use to interchange screws attached to the tool. 

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Images courtesy of M-20