Coming to us from Just One Eye, this exquisite manicure set instantly adds a sense of pampering to one of the most mundane and repetitive activities in a person’s life. Trimming your nails can become a moment that you look forward to, an addition to your cherished at-home luxury spa sessions.

Beautiful Brown Leather & 24K Gold Manicure Set24K Gold Manicure Set Brown Leather Carrying Case

When you swap your regular manicure tools with a plush set of stainless steel pieces adorned with 24kt gold detailing, the whole nail care process becomes a soothing ritual. For additional haptic pleasure, the set is presented in a beautiful brown leather foldable case. The soft material keeps everything nicely in place as if in a delicate embrace.

The set is easy to store and even travel with, featuring a secure leather strap fastening. It can make for a wonderful present for someone dear, or even just a nice treat for yourself. Priced at $4,250, this is clearly not a gift you want to make to just anyone.

Luxury Manicure Set with 24 Karat Gold Detailing Luxury Manicure Set with 24 Karat Gold by Just One Eye