While we’re all caught up with EV remakes of existing models, it’s easy to miss out on some cool reveals that usually miss out on publicity from big-name outlets. For example, our recently featured piece on the City Transformer CT-1 – an electric microcar designed for narrow roads. The Luvly O is somewhat similar with its own set of quirks.

We find it unfortunate when startups like Luvly fly under the radar as it deprives those interested in sustainable motoring of options. Not everyone is out to purchase an urban mobility platform that can accommodate more than 2 people. Hence, EVs like this from the Swedish group are created to service the segment in question.

The unique selling point of the Luvly O is how it draws inspiration from a popular brand from the same county. If you’ve ever shopped at IKEA, then it’s clear what the EV manufacturer hopes to copy. Instead of shipping out their units in their ready-to-drive form, they’re packing all components in space-saving form.

You can probably guess what’s in store for the buyer when their orders arrive. The modular system used by the Luvly O means owners can easily replace damaged parts or upgrade certain features of their EVs. Overall, we’re looking at minimal maintenance and longevity, which are a huge plus for eco-friendliness.

Instead of endowing the emission-free ride with a bold form factor, the Luvly O is aiming for an understated design. It measures 106.30” x 60.24” x 56.70” (L x W x H) and tips the scales at only 771.62 lbs. A full charge of its removable batteries is enough to get you up to 62 miles. The top speed is listed at 56 mph.

Passenger safety is not neglected here as it features a steel frame, collision detection, lane departure warnings, automatic emergency braking, and airbags. Would you choose the Luvly O as your next daily commuter?

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Images courtesy of Luvly