It may take a bit longer for technology to fully take over when it comes to health, but we have made huge strides over the years. So far, we now have gadgets that can track our sleep, heart rate, oxygen saturation, ECG, and more. Then there’s the Lumen – the first commercially available device that can help users track their metabolism.

It functions just like a breathalyzer, but instead of blood alcohol, it measures something else. According to its promotional materials, it packs a carbon dioxide sensor as well as a flow meter to get a reading. Depending on the CO2 concentration, it tells you what your body primarily uses as fuel.

Armed with this insight, owners of the Lumen can tweak their diet to kickstart their metabolism. Everyone knows that the faster it is, the easier it becomes to lose unwanted pounds. Of course, the overall goal here is to reach a balance they call “metabolic flexibility.”

In this state, your body can freely switch between fats and carbohydrates to supply the energy it needs. The food we eat really matters, which is why we need a tool to help push us in the right direction. Lumen boasts cutting-edge technology and advanced algorithms to calculate the data.

As noted by the manufacturer, it is “the world’s first hand-held, portable device to accurately measure metabolism. Once available only to top athletes, in hospitals and clinics, metabolic testing is now available to everyone.” Proper nutrition has its share of benefits you might want to look into.

Consistent use of the Lumen will eventually improve your metabolism. Users can look forward to better sleep, boost their immune system, and gain lean muscle mass, among others. Healthy eating is just another piece of the puzzle, so don’t forget to exercise as well.

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Images courtesy of Lumen