You don’t have to work up a sweat just to enjoy a few minutes inside a sauna room. Why not swim your way towards it. That’s the concept behind the Löyly floating sauna from Lausanne University of Art and Design graduate Trolle Rudebeck Haar. This prefabricated floating structure was Harr’s Diploma Project at Lausanne University of Art and Design (ÉCAL) in Switzerland.

It sits floating on the Lake of Geneva, constructed on top of a floating pontoon deck fitted with hollow barrels for buoyancy. The buoyancy lets the structure float on other bodies of water with low wave motion such as pools, ports, lagoons, and ponds. The Löyly floating sauna used prefabricated elements so it can be easily taken apart and re-assembled. It used Swiss Douglass fir treated with teak oil for outdoor durability. The structure is accessible via a perched ladder on the side. Then a traditional Japanese sliding door called shōji opens to a 2.2-square-meter space. It is lightweight, easily slides aside, and can block wind and steam from living the area.

Meanwhile, ribbed translucent glass comprises the tallest walls for natural light to penetrate inside while providing privacy. It also has a sloped roof made with corrugated polycarbonate and inside is a wooden bench that can host up to three people. A wooden stove sits on the far side where it holds the hot rocks or charcoal. For those who just want to bask in the beauty of the surrounding scenery, a deck is placed around the exterior of the Löyly floating sauna where they can sit and relax.

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Images courtesy of ÉCAL