When you absolutely need to outclass your golf buddies, do so on the green. However, if your swing needs work, make up for it with style instead. Louis Vuitton is here to help with a swanky new travel trunk. Now you can haul your gear in something that fashionably matches their bags and accessories. This is the Malle Golf.

With a staggering $129,000 price point, this luxurious luggage is designed for more than just storage. From what we can gather, there’s even a nifty feature to help improve your game. Before we get into that, let’s learn more about the product. The official page lists the dimensions as 22.5” x 57” x 22.5” (L x H x W).

The brown exterior of the Malle Golf depicts the iconic monogram print with metal hardware in brass. Double leather handles on each side make it easier to haul or stow away in compartments. Louis Vuitton does not specifically mention it, but sources point out the material is crafted out of canvas.

Since the trunk is likely to be exposed to the elements, leather is not the ideal choice here. As for the interior, the Malle Golf is upholstered in premium microfiber, which feels plush to the touch. There’s enough space to store everything you need to play. Keep in mind most of the items in the images are not included.

Nonetheless, there is a cool extra which comes in the form of a roll-out putting mat. This allows Malle Golf owners to get some practice before the big day. Notable details include a Perspex monogram drawer with holders for golf balls. The LV trunk can fit 14 golf clubs. 1 flag, two towels, and other essential stuff.

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Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton