Browsing the net for memes is our ideal dose of daily fun. Lately, we’ve been seeing Leo’s face in multiple templates these days. A quick search on Google tells us that he just bought a mansion in Los Angeles. So, let’s check out what this Los Feliz villa is all about.

According to various sources, Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest acquisition is a $7.1 million villa. Its architecture appears to draw inspiration from Spanish Colonial design. Blueprints reveal that the property and structure span 5,000 square feet.

At first, we were thinking that the Los Feliz villa is another of many houses he will be occasionally using for parties. Likewise, given the cozy atmosphere of the house, DiCaprio could probably stay there to just unwind. To our surprise, the award-winning actor is actually handing the keys over to his mother — Irmelin Indenbirken.

Once more this reminds us that deep down, we all really just want to make our parents happy. Furthermore, this gesture shows that Leo is just plain awesome. The Los Feliz villa was built way back in 1928. The previous owners were listed as actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family fame.

It boasts amenities such as a meditation room, a sauna, a hot tub, and a pool. The residence also features an expansive courtyard, which is a wonderful area to enjoy al fresco dining and more. Upon entry, guests can marvel at the two-storey lobby with stained-glass windows.

Handcrafted tiles line surfaces of the interior as well as on the outside. Meanwhile, the placement of plants throughout the complex should promote relaxation and keep the air fresh. The Los Feliz villa marks another major real estate purchase for DiCaprio and it seems like a good one.

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Images courtesy of Todd F Goodman
Images courtesy of Todd F Goodman

Images courtesy of Todd F Goodman