Nestled on the north-facing 20-degree slope of the mountains in Truckee, Northern California, is the Lookout House. This modern refuge sits on a one-acre property at roughly 6,300 feet above sea level. Faulkner Architects pens the blueprints for this luxurious retreat surrounded by the great outdoors. Despite the remote location, it’s never short on luxury.

This place is a perfect escape where you can relax against a backdrop of Jeffrey Pine and White Fir trees. The studio writes, “The vertical, plumb lines of the tree trunks, stripped bare from years of deep snow fall, reach for the light. Standing upright at an angle to the slope, they provide a constant reference to the perpendicular horizon in the distance.”

Views of the Martis Valley below and the Lookout Mountain are breathtaking from here. Faulkner Architects notes that the concrete that forms the three-story structure sources the aggregates and sand locally. Along with steel, these materials make the exterior areas of the Lookout House virtually maintenance-free. Plus, it’s fire-resistant.

The volumes within feel inviting courtesy of the timber ceilings. While the surfaces are mostly built out of stone, there are rooms that exude warmth from the wooden walls and floors. The firm also designs the Lookout House with an inner courtyard and spaces that seamlessly flow from indoor to outdoor.

Full-height glass windows allow natural light to illuminate the inside by day. However, the warm lighting at night creates a cozy atmosphere as well. Residents can witness the dynamic landscape unfold when the season changes. Gather around the fire pit or stay close to the fireplace when it gets chilly. Slide open the Lookout House’s glass doors during summer to cool down.

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Images courtesy of Faulkner Architects