German manufacturer Petromax has just made camp cooking super easy. With the introduction of their Loki Camping Stove and Tent Oven ($270) you can pack this 23 pound accessory just about anywhere in its own carry sack. Setup is easy, with a pin system to lock the three metal legs in place and extend the five-piece chimney. No more digging a fire pit and leaving a hole in the ground.

The cooking surface is a compact 15.7 x 9.8 inches with a stovetop lid that can be removed for direct contact with the flames. The front lid allows easy access to keep feeding wood into the stove and sits high enough for comfortable use, while the tripod leg system provides stability. Loki is also suitable for different types of tents if completed with the proper tent kit.

Breaking camp may take some extra time and planning for the Loki to be cooled down enough to disassemble, clean, and pack the legs and pipe back inside the burning chamber. However, it will definitely reduce the footprint you leave on the wilderness when you’re gone.