Those who game or work on a PC have probably experienced wrist and hand fatigue at one point. This normally occurs after prolonged use of the keyboard or mouse. There have been innovations made to keyboards to reduce the impact on our wrists. Yet, almost none have been made to improve our default pointing devices. The Logitech MX Vertical a dramatic rework of the device we rely on to move the cursor across our computer screens.

The wireless mouse is what the company describes as an advanced ergonomic mouse. Its design aims to provide us with a next-level comfort that no other mice can ever hope to currently achieve. It took us a while to digest its odd form factor, but its frame apparently works to keep our palms and wrists in their natural resting position. According to the manufacturer’s claims, this supposedly reduces muscle strain by 10 percent.

Sporting a 57-degree angle and a thumb rest, the MX Vertical showcases a soft-rubber finish that improves your grip during use. Furthermore, there are 4 customizable buttons in addition to the standard mouse buttons. We love that this Logitech product includes options to wirelessly connect the device via its unifying receiver or through Bluetooth. The 240mAh battery recharges through its USB Type-C port. So far, the only caveat that we have noted is the absence of a left-handed configuration for this model.

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Photos courtesy of Logitech