Keep your ride safe anywhere and anytime with the LITELOK CORE bike lock. Whether pedal or battery-powered, your bike deserves the protection it needs from idle hands.

Described as the “lightest, wearable diamond rated bike and e-bike lock in the world,” this robust lock uses a combo of composite synthetic fibers (Boaflexicore Plus) with a hardened steel inlock body. This way it can withstand any pressure be it from bolt cutters, rocks, power saws, and more.

The LITELOK CORE bike lock is unlike conventional bike locks that are heavy and bulky. This one is lightweight at just 1.9 kg and designed to snap around your waist for on-the-go convenience. It also coils into a compact size for easy stowaway. Plus, its multi-filament inner core allows it to flex so it can fit around the larger e-bikes not just manual bikes. Its flexibility allows it to fit around larger fixed objects like tree trunks, fencing, posts, and bike stands.

Moreover, it features a polymeric matrix for weatherproofing and corrosion resistance and a braided outer sleeve for further abrasion resistance. Even its locking mechanism uses aerospace-grade stainless steel for impact protection and durability. Likewise, the lock features stainless steel rivets that have extremely high shear strength and marine-grade corrosion resistance.

Speaking of protection, the two ends of the LITELOK CORE snap together via a pick-resistant disc detainer lock made entirely from durable marine-grade stainless steel. A sliding keyhole cover protects the keyhole from dust and allows for visibility in low light. The LITELOK CORE bike lock is available in three different colors including Blaze Orange, Crow Black, and BOA Green.

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Images courtesy of LITELOK CORE