Normally, guys love hobbies that involve assembling or building something out of scratch. Perhaps it’s our inner craftsman that wants to fiddle with tools and materials — to turn these into works of mechanical art. Two brothers come up with a shelter that will house a cool public art installation in Piacé, France. They are calling it the Lincoln Pavilion.

There’s a good reason why they named it that way. You see, there’s a third member of this project, which supplies the most crucial piece. French artist Pascal Rivet recently completed one of his latest works. It is a full-size sculpture of a Lincoln continental car. Thus, we have the Lincoln Pavilion 

Since he just can’t just display it directly without any form of shelter against the elements, Ronan Bouroullec and Erwan Bouroullec came up with a solution. The exhibit’s location will be at a roadside close to a small village. Because the attraction is the wooden replica of a classic car, the duo opts for a modest plan.

You can’t have a structure that is too elaborate. It might draw the viewers’ attention away from what is actually on show. Thus, the blueprint for the Lincoln Pavilion uses steel for the frame, which they then cover in corrugated iron sheets. The designers opted for a flat roof style and used the latter for it as well.

These are in red to match the Rombini terracotta tiles that clad the exterior and interior walls. Meanwhile, the sculpture may be a 1:1 scale of the vehicle, but it’s not as heavy. Thus, it stands on an elevated floor of Pico ceramic tiles. The façade, on the other hand, is glass. The Lincoln Pavilion looks rustic and cool, but the viewing angles are a bit limited.

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Images courtesy of Claire Lavabre/Studio Bouroullec