The designers and engineers at ZENLET happily admit they are influenced by the purity of Zen philosophy to create their simple but highly effective products. One has only to look at their new LIFT MacBook Pro Case ($119) to see how gracefully they blend style with functionality.

The LIFT is actually neither a carry case nor a computer stand yet serves both these functions and more. When closed, the slim aluminum framework provides a wide handle for carrying your MacBook around, and the individualizing removable sleeves provide protection. When opened, one half slides back with the monitor and drops to hold the computer at one of three optional typing positions. This automatic angling also provides clear airflow below to prevent overheating even during high-performance usage. In addition, there is even a sliding cover to protect the ports from exposure to dust or water.

While the LIFT is currently only made for the 13″ and 15″ MacBook, ZENLET is expanding to fit all MacBooks as they develop in the future. Details in the video.