The COVID-19 pandemic has people either turning to food to relieve anxiety or pounding the floor to get fit and healthy. If you fall on the latter then you might want to add the LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer to your home gym

This exercise machine gives you a total body workout via punching and cycling. That’s a combo of cardio and strength training to help you trim fat, build lean muscles, and improve endurance. It even has an accompanying mobile app where you can see set up fun and engaging workout sessions, view stats, and more.

On the outside, the LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer may look menacing. But it is easy to operate and engaging too. It has an interactive screen where you choose your workouts and see readouts for distance, calories, speed, and accuracy. It even comes with a chest strap to track heart rate and beats per minute. Likewise, the punch pad makes boxing entertaining with flashing color targets that let you score points for every target met. 

This gym equipment also caters to your comfort while you work out. As such, the exercise bike has an adjustable punch pad and seat, where you can adjust the fore and aft position of the seat. The gloves also leave your thumbs free to access your phone or water bottle, while toe cages and adjustable straps keep your feet secured on the pedals. 

The LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer has a max weight capacity of 300lbs. and comes with two front-mounted wheels for easy transport. It’s in a robust, durable all-steel construction with a solid base to keep you balanced for whatever move you make on the bike or on the punching mat.

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Images courtesy of LifeSpan Fitness