Summer is usually all about the fun as people go on their escapades of choice. Typically, these activities involve, swimming, sunbathing, fishing, camping, cookouts, and a whole lot more. Accompanied by tasty meals, refreshing beverages, and a wide selection of booze enhances the experience. Lastly, play the latest hits with LG’s XBOOM Go XGT2 and party till you drop.

Despite how our suggestion sounds, we all advocate for moderation. Nobody wants to wake up as a mess with a nasty hangover and no memory of what happened the day before. Nevertheless, did you know studies say music can help individuals form strong neural connections? Therefore, listening to your favorite tunes has its benefits.

Take a look around when you’re out in public. These days, most people have TWS earbuds or maybe full-sized headphones on at all times. On the other hand, groups may want to enjoy some ambient beats while they hang out. LG crafted the XBOOM Go XGT2 as a compact and stylish Bluetooth speaker.

It may look like just another average music playback platform, but the manufacturer says otherwise. According to its spec sheet, the XBOOM Go XGT2 was built to withstand temperature fluctuations, sand, rain, and other factors that would easily damage electronics. It’s also rated as IP67 dust- and water-resistant.

“Enjoy added freedom and convenience while on the go. A fully adjustable string securely fastens the speaker to just about any outdoor equipment like backpacks, bike handles and tent poles. So, when setting out for the great outdoors, your music is geared for the journey,” A full charge of its 3,7V, 1,200 mAh battery lasts up to 10 hours.

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Images courtesy of LG