Hard-working, multi-tasking people should not be bogged down having to deal with a single monitor picture when they need to access a lot of data fast.  The 34″ LG UltraWide Thunderbolt Curved LED Monitor ($1,200)is here to help them stay up to speed.

Thunderbird’s input/output ports allow split-screen from compatible devices to move data at 20 gigabytes per second at resolutions up to 3440×1440 and fourteen options that include four picture-in-picture choices.  The screen split controls are on screen for mouse use instead of having to hunt down control strokes on the keyboard.  With aspect ratio of 21:9 this immersive screen is almost 1.8 times larger than even the UltraWide Full HD 21:9 monitor.  It can display 47 columns and 63 rows of an Excess spreadsheet.

It even has power to spare with a USB 3.0 Quick Charge port to quickly recharge your connected devices without slowing you down.  With a color palette that reproduces over 99% of the sRGB spectrum, you are assured of professional level color.  And as for the gaming experience, you might well forget you are sitting at your desk!