With so many cool kicks dropping soon, collectors might want to consider LG’s latest products geared for their needs. The company presents the Styler ShoeCare and the Styler ShoeCase which you should definitely grab for the complete package. Sneakerheads should seriously consider this as an essential investment for what they love.

IFA 2022 has no shortage of tech products that target various segments. We’re here to share some of the awesome announcements you may want to save up for or purchase outright upon availability. LG is marketing these appliances under its Styler series.

As the name tells us, the Styler ShoeCase and Styler  ShoeCare are both engineered for your footwear. The former is a modular system that replaces your traditional shoe cabinet. We know some people want to show off their prized purchases for guests to admire and this is a fancier alternative to display stands.

The Styler ShoeCase is an illuminated display box with transparent panels. It keeps humidity and UV exposure in control and features a 360-degree rotating function. This also gives viewers a complete look at your shoes from every angle. You can stack up to four or arrange them however you like.

Next, is the Styler ShoeCare – a device to help keep your kicks clean after use. We all know they tend to smell after a long day on our feet, which is why this is a must-have to keep them fresh. TrueSteam technology can handle suede, leather, and other materials manufacturers use.

It can hold up to four pairs each cycle and dry them with the manufacturer’s Moving Nozzle. Both the Styler ShoeCare and Styler ShoeCase support LG’s ThinQ app. Owners can conveniently control and monitor everything over the internet.

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Images courtesy of LG