Cleverly named HomeBrew, LG’s latest kitchen appliance automates the entire craft beer brewery experience and puts it all in a sleek-looking capsule-based brewing machine.

Already winning awards, the LG HomeBrew makes the process of making your own beer incredibly easy thanks to its single-use capsules, optimized fermentation algorithm, and convenient self-cleaning feature. In other words, it’s the perfect product for those just beginning to be immersed in the world of beer-making.

The capsule-based system is super simple. With just one press of a button, the LG HomeBrew automates the entire brewing process. That means it covers fermentation, carbonation, aging, serving, and even cleaning. Moreover, there’s even a free companion app that tells you how the brewing is going. Savvy.

However, the LG HomeBrew doesn’t just make it easy to craft beer. The machine also makes the quality of beer better. That’s courtesy of its optimized fermentation algorithm that intelligently handles the fermenting process with precise temperature and pressure control. More importantly, you don’t even have to fuss with much after every brew. It automatically sanitizes the thing using hot water, making sure everything is spic and span for your next batch.

The machine can produce up to five liters of premium quality beer in just two weeks. Do note that depends on the beer type.

LG says HomeBrew is the culmination of years of home appliance and water purification technologies it has developed over the decades. The company believes that lots of craft beer enthusiasts will finally get into making their own batches thanks to how easy the process becomes using the HomeBrew.

Pricing and availability remain unannounced, so stay tuned as we learn more.