Although LG is recognized as one of the top manufacturers of TVs, its projectors are also some of the best you can get out there. Competing closely with its fellow South Korean brand Samsung, both are vying for a coveted spot in our homes. Now, it’s expanding the lineup beyond standard and short-throw models by introducing the CineBeam Qube.

With this year’s Consumer Electronics Show only a few days away, the announcement serves as a teaser for the official unveiling. So far, we believe it’s enough to hype up interested buyers who want an alternative to Samsung’s successful The Freestyle smart projector. To do so, this offering needs unique features its rival model lacks.

Unlike the cylindrical form factor of its closest competitor, LG opts for something geometric. We would have preferred it if the CineBeam Cube came with a base that allows you a wide range of articulation. Nevertheless, straight off the bat, we learned that its output resolution is UHD (3,840 x 2,160).

It already has a huge advantage over The Freestyle second generation when it comes to display resolution. Unfortunately, it takes a huge hit when it comes to brightness as it can only hit 500 ANSI lumens. For those wondering, the images are best viewed in a dark room without ambient light.

The CineBeam Qube measures 80 mm x 135 mm x 135 mm and weighs approximately 52 ounces. Further bolstering its portability is the inclusion of a 360-degree rotating handle. For convenience, the integrated Auto Screen Adjustment system optimizes the image based on the projector’s angle and distance. 

“Great for spaces large and small, LG CineBeam Qube is a lifestyle projector possessing all the qualities consumers look for when choosing a new projection solution,” said company executive YS LEE. We can’t wait to see what other cool products they have in store for CES 2024.

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Images courtesy of LG