At this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, Lexus unveiled an electrified version of its crossover platform. The RZ SPORT CONCEPT was a thrilling preview of Toyota’s luxury arm’s sustainable future. It seems the hype was extremely positive as it somewhat overshadowed the marque’s Overtrail Project. This lineup includes the RX Outdoor Concept along with another two platforms.

It’s clear the Japanese company is acknowledging its client’s demand for luxurious yet rugged machines for their adventures out into the wild. Toyota and Lexus already boast a stellar fleet of highly capable SUVs and pickup trucks for these types of escapades, but more is always better. Hence, the Overtrail Project is a great way to gauge interest.

Let’s start with the RX Outdoor Concept of the Overtrail Project. This is based on the fifth-generation Lexus RX. Specifically, they’re opting for the 450h+ trim of the plug-in hybrid vehicle. We believe it would have been better if Toyota went with the fully-electric RZ SPORT CONCEPT as the donor for this build.

Nevertheless, at least it’s slightly eco-friendlier than a traditional internal combustion engine Lexus did not mention any tweaks to the powertrain so the numbers should stay intact. Lexus lists the output of its 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid mill at 302 bhp with 422 lb-ft of torque. Meanwhile, it can hit 62 mph from zero in seven seconds.

It sports 18” x 7.5” Rays wheels shod in 265/60 all-terrain tires. The RX Outdoor Concept rides 20 mm higher and comes with a black grille, aluminum skid plate, black lower bumper, LED lights, black door handles, black stainless steel window surrounds, and mudguards. The Overtrail Project also includes the GX Outdoor Concept and ROV Concept 2.

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Images courtesy of Lexus