“The most accurate and versatile gaming mouse ever,” the Lexip has two integrated joysticks allowing you to combine maneuvers, access load-outs, and control your character like never before!

Besides the usual inputs of a regular mouse (i.e., two clickers, a scroll wheel/button, and buttons on the side & top), the Lexip features an internal joystick controlled by tilting its shell. Moving the mouse shell up, down, left or right lets you control a variety of moves, allowing for up to a whopping 300,000 different joystick positions to be registered. A second, thumb operated, controller-like joystick positioned on the side of the mouse is handy for fast scrolling through gaming options.

Complete with a premium gaming laser sensor and ergonomic design, the all-in-one mouse is fully customizable and available in right-handed and left-handed versions.

Preorder From Kickstarter $110