Dabbling in the kitchen has taught us some certain methods to bring the best flavors out of your food. It all starts with meal preparation and the ingredients that go into the mix. Add some cutting-edge culinary tech and what we get is a gadget called the LĒVO II. It may look like a fancy coffee machine, but this is something else.

What it does is make the process of infusion convenient. No more fiddling around with jars, measuring spoons, oils, and herbs which leaves you with a lot to tidy up afterwards. Using the LĒVO II may be a straightforward affair, but it to have some basic know-how on what spices pair nicely with what you plan to infuse.

As detailed by the manufacturer, you can fill the ceramic-coated reservoir with oil, butter, milk, honey, or glycerine. With the LĒVO II, you can practically say goodbye to store-bought products and switch to homemade goodness. This all-in-one device lets you dry, activate, and infuse with a push of a button.

To begin, grab your favorite selection of herbs and place everything in the included Power Pod and cover. Open the lid of the infuser and set position container inside as indicated on the machine. Set the cycle according to the recipe and wait. Once ready, attach the magnetic stirrer, pour in the liquid, and follow the prompts.

When it finishes, you can directly dispense the contents into a jar or bowl and enjoy. The LĒVO II can infuse up to 16 ounces of liquid without any unhealthy additives. It also comes in several colors to match your other kitchen appliances. Choose between Licorice Black, Honey Cream, Garden Green, Pacific Blue, Robin Blue, Meyer Yellow, Jet Black, Alpine White, Cayenne Red, and Paprika Red

Buy – $299.99

Images courtesy of LĒVO