The new Leica TL2 ($1,950) demonstrates how well the German camera maker upgrades their legendary photographic equipment. While still sharing the same basic design as the original T, the TL2 is much more capable and sports an array of modern features.

This APS-C-sized camera has a 24-megapixel sensor up from the previous 16, while its ISO range can now be pushed to 50,000 and the autofocus now uses 49 focus points rather than the mere 9 of the original. There is a new electronic shutter that can shoot 1/40,000 of a second & up to 20 frames per sec, as well as a customizable function button, and a 3.7-inch touchscreen on the back. The new Leica has also the ability to record 4K video and offers an HDMI output beside the SD card slot, plus a new USB-C port for data transfer or battery charging.

Outside, the aluminum unibody has been chamfered for improved comfort in the hand, with the pop-up flash being replaced by a hot shoe for accessories. Available in silver or black.