One of the oldest board games in existence is still played and enjoyed by many all over the world. Even without the official set, people can still play by drawing an 8 x 8 arrangement of squares and using any tokens for the required pieces. However, if you’re a LEGO aficionado like Ferbrick1, just build something like the Tower Chess kit.

Before you all excitedly rush to order this SKU, take note that this is not yet in production. Instead, you can hit up the LEGO Ideas website and show your support for this awesome creation by the said user. This entry was submitted on September 18, 2022, and has been tagged as “Staff Pick” by the moderators.

Moreover, the Tower Chess kit has already garnered 6,749 supporters, which explains the deadline extension. As of this writing, there are 414 days left and its success depends entirely on how much exposure it can earn along the way.

Therefore, if you want this to eventually turn into a retail package, share this with fellow strategy game enthusiasts out there. What’s cool about the Tower Chess kit is like the name suggests, it turns into a large rook that can pass off as just another home décor.

When you’re ready to play, just remove the flexible chess board, lay it flat on any surface, take out the sixteen chess pieces, and play. The frame of the Chess Tower kit features racks to hold everything, while the top discreetly hides a carrying handle for transport.

“Here I present my tower-shaped chess set. I thought it was a very fun design to make with our beloved Lego bricks. It is a cheessboard that can be folded around a structure,” wrote Ferbrick1 on the LEGO Ideas page for this Tower Chess kit submission.

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Images courtesy of LEGO Ideas/Ferbrick1