We said it before, and we’ll say it again! LEGO IDEAS is one the best sources for kits that showcase the creativity of people when it comes to these iconic plastic bricks. The latest to make it into commercial production is the Table Football set scheduled to hit retail shelves and online on November 1, 2022.

There’s no shortage of cool submissions on the LEGO IDEAS website, but not all earn enough supporters to make it past the initial stages. However, those that do pass the company’s comprehensive selection process are certainly awesome. Just like the Table Football we have here.

This is for fans of the beautiful game who want to build a playable stadium for tabletop matches. The Table Football set promises hours of fun when you assemble all 2,339 pieces. It may be on a smaller scale than your average foosball table, but it is fully functional.

It makes a great addition to your mancave or game room at home. Moreover, it also turns into a fascinating conversation starter when you have it on display. Still, it’s hard to say no to a game or two when this is in the room. To draft your dream team, the Table Football set includes 22 LEGO minifigures.

Mix and match 44 different heads with 43 varying hairstyles and change it up to keep things fresh. Each team on the field has two defenders, two strikers, and one goalie. There’s even a buildable cheering section that doubles as storage for the extra parts. The LEGO IDEAS Table Football measures 6” x 16” x 10” when completed.

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Images courtesy of LEGO