Did you guys know that LEGO IDEAS kits start off as fan-made sets which are then submitted for review. The company then makes it viewable by other users who can then choose to support it. Those that reach 10,000 votes have the potential to become commercially available. We’ve featured plenty of these before, but this G-SHOCK MUDMASTER example is remarkable.

As of this writing, the timepiece replica created by Pedro Jimenez already garnered 1,871 supporters with 573 days left. Casio’s rugged G-SHOCK MUDMASTER lineup is renowned the world over for exceptional toughness. Hence, it’s only fitting for it to receive a LEGO tribute.

It’s outstanding how much this resembles the actual timekeeping accessory. According to Jimenez, “I am fascinated with G-Shock watches series, in particular with Mudmaster ones because they are the perfect combination of Toughness, Elegance, Bulkiness and Precision that resembles very well any LEGO creation.”

Unfortunately, he did not share how pieces go into this build. With the right parts, creative individuals can build almost any mechanical item. Since the Danish toymaker only manufactures plastic bricks according to what a kit needs, some creators turn to 3D printing or use some ingenuity to make it work.

The G-SHOCK MUDMASTER appears to be a mix of custom parts and regular LEGO bricks. Jimenez was able to replicate the signature resin case, crown, buttons, bezel, crystal, and resin band. We can see a mock analog-digital quartz movement over a black dial. There’s even a buildable display stand complete with the G-SHOCK nameplate. We can only hope it gets enough votes before time runs out.

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Images courtesy of LEGO IDEAS