What courier do you typically choose to ship out documents, items, and more? We would say it depends on what’s the closest to where you live. Meanwhile, LEGO enthusiast Daniel “dacarquitecto” Clavijo is likely a big fan of logistics companies. This is evident by his latest entry into the Danish toymaker’s Ideas project called the FedEx – The World on Time.

After checking previous submissions, it’s clear he is into packages. There are several LEGO replicas of gift boxes in various designs, shapes, and number of pieces. In fact, we even spotted a USPS Mail Truck which already has 1,676 supporters. As of this writing, the FedEx – The World on Time currently lists 743 supporters with 397 days left.

According to the official description, this Ideas kit is a tribute to the international shipping group’s 50th anniversary. Unlike other entries, it does not specify how many plastic bricks went into the build. It features a scale model of a 1996 Freightliner van in white adorned with the familiar graphics in purple and orange.

Moreover, the set includes a delivery driver in uniform for the extra touch. Cool details include a sliding door on the driver’s side, a rolling shutter door at the rear of the van, and a removable section for a view of the interior with the packages neatly arranged.

He also points out that the roof can be taken off, but there are no images showing this. “In this set, I’ve created one of FedEx’s memorable delivery vehicles with a delivery man. I think it exemplifies the level of service and care they take to get us our packages on time all over the world, wrote Clavijo about the FedEx – The World on Time LEGO Ideas entry.

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Images courtesy of LEGO