Guys have plenty of hobbies to choose from but nothing beats activities you can do in the comfort of your home. Gaming is probably the most popular across all age groups and for a good reason. Where else can you hang out with buddies anytime and anywhere? Meanwhile, if you are after something more tactile, why not build this cool LEGO Retro Radio kit?

This set is great when you feel nostalgic for some reason or if you know someone who grew up with this form of entertainment. Although some radio stations have long been decommissioned there are a few that remain operational. Sadly, this upcoming ICONS entry is only traditional in looks as its playback function requires a modern component.

In the box are 906 bricks you need to assemble which is why the box recommends it for adults. Still, with some experienced guidance or with the help of LEGO’s official Builder app, even novice builders can assemble the Retro Radio without any issues. Upon completion, this replica stands 12 inches high. The rest of the dimensions indicate 9 inches wide and 2.5 inches thick.

“Craft an ornamental replica of a 1970s vintage radio with a foldup handle and antenna, classic power and tuning dials and a sliding frequency switch. Rotate the dials to emit tuning signals and music snippets. Mount a smartphone in the rear compartment to relish your favorite tunes while bringing a cool retro vibe to your home or office,” writes LEGO.

There is a removable lid at the back where you can place a smartphone to stream music, podcasts, and other forms of audio entertainment. Unfortunately, the knobs do not function so users need to use voice commands to change tracks and more. However, LEGO could still make some tweaks to the Retro Radio before it launches in early June 2024.

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Images courtesy of LEGO