PDF Haus, a practical product design educational institution situated in Korea, has done it again with another conceptual redesign. This time it’s for luxury cookware brand Le Creuset.

This is PDF Haus designer Hannah Han’s latest handiwork, and like her previous projects, it’s nothing short of astonishing. She has cleverly reimagined the coffee brewer while also pushing the envelope when it comes to kitchen-bound design.

She blended wood, glass, and metal components and formed it into an organized coffee tray. A tray, mind you, from which the temperature can be adjusted. She also replaced the standard coffee pot with a glass carafe that looks like it belongs in a museum. She topped it all off with three stainless steel cones, replacing the conventional paper filter. Yes, they all fit in the recessed tray snugly. You can pour water on this tray to keep the server and coffee warm, which is not only an ingenious design choice but a feat of engineering as well.

There’s a polished knob that you can adjust to make the coffee taste more sour, less sweet, or more bitter — depends on your preference. And you can dislodge the cooktop for portability purposes, and easily attach it back thanks to the built-in magnet system. It’s quite astonishing to see Le Creuset with this level of modernity as the brand is historically associated with traditional designs. Even Han herself admits as much, telling her Behance fans that she hasn’t “put Le Creuset design sources enough while trying to make it look modern.”

That being said, we love what she did anyway, and if Le Creuset has even a dollop of sanity, they have to take notice of what Han has created here.


Photos courtesy of Hannah Han and PDF Haus